Best Air Purifiers Black Friday/Cyber Monday Deals 2020

Do you have a large room? Are you thinking to invest in an air purifier? This is the best time to do so!  November brings a lot of shopping discounts and special offers on electronic items, you can take benefit of it by availing the best air purifiers Black Friday deals.

This article will help you to find the best Black Friday/Cyber Monday discounts on air purifiers for a large room. An air purifier is an appliance that purifies the air in your home.

Do you know that indoor air has 5x higher impurities than outdoor air?

An air purifier contains a filter that works to clear all the indoor impurities i.e. smoke, putrid smell, dust, and germs.

Yes, some air purifiers can even kill germs and viruses. In this situation of Coronavirus fear, we all need an air purifier that can disinfect our home. Now when you know the point of the purpose of an air purifier, let’s move on to the list of 10 top-rated air purifiers for a large room.

LEVOIT LV-PUR131* Honeycomb structured filter
* Smart Auto mode
* Best energy-saving air purifier
Hathaspace Smart HSP001* 5 in 1 purification system
* Filters 99.97% of pollutants
* Smart air quality sensor
Winix 5500-2* Air quality indicator
* 4 adjustable fan speeds
* Washable AOC carbon filter
RabbitAir MinusA2* Six stages of purification
* Customized odor removal filter
* Managed through WiFi
Coway AirMega400S* 4 stage filtration system
* Air quality indicator
* Filter replacement indicator
Medify MA-40W V2.0* Medical grade air filtration
* Compact & easy to move
* Best for large rooms
Blueair Blue Pure 411* Captures 99% of airborne pollutants
* Ultra quiet noise level
* Consumes less energy (1.5 watts)
Honeywell HPA100* Extra large room air purifier
* Turbo clean setting
* Auto-off timer option
Alen BreatheSmart FLEX* Powerful & super fast performance
* Sleek modern stylish design
* Sounds like a whisper
BISSELL MYair Purifier* Capture 0. 3 micron particles
* Activated carbon remove odor
* High or Low fan speed option

Below are a few more attractive Black Friday offers that you shouldn’t miss:

Best Air Purifiers Black Friday/Cyber Monday Deals 2020

Dyson TP04 Air Purifier Black Friday 2020 Deal

1. LEVOIT LV-PUR131 Air Purifier Black Friday Deal

LEVOIT LV-PUR131 Air Purifier Black Friday DealLevoit H13 True HEPA purifies the air in your bedroom and let you breathe quality air. It comes with an air purifier, three filters, and a user manual.

The filter is not an ordinary one and designed as a honeycomb structure with a larger surface area. First, the air passes through a fine preliminary filter that captures large particles like pet hair, pet fur, insects, or any human hair.

Then the air passes through a True HEPA filter that has the ability to capture small particles like dust, pollen, spores, mites, and pet dander. It is ideal for a 360 sq ft room that makes a bedroom but it is also suitable for the office room, living room and, kitchen as well.

Levoit LV-PUR131 air purifier purifies the smoke and smell created by cooking in the kitchen. It has MAX Mode Power so that you can alter the fan speed according to your room space and need. It also has a smart auto mode which makes it easy to use and save energy.

It has a sensor that detects air quality and turns on and off according to the surrounding environment.


Check out the Levoit Air Purifier LV-H132 Black Friday deal, the top-rated air purifier on Amazon.

2. Hathaspace Smart True HEPA Air Purifier for Pet Allergies and Asthma

Hathaspace Smart True HEPA Air Purifier for Pet Allergies and AsthmaIt is the best air filtration machine as it has a 5 in 1 purification system. The five stages of purification are ionizer, True HEPA filter, Antibacterial Filter, Cellular Activated Carbon Filter, and, Cold Catalyst Filter.

The air first passes through the Cold Catalyst Filter and lastly through the Ionizer. The ionizer has the ability to release negatively charged ions that further help in neutralizing the chemicals and odor in the air. It eliminates toxic chemicals, bad odor, cooking smoke, cigarette smoke, and dust. Moreover, the antibacterial filter makes sure to kill any kind of bacteria and viruses in indoor air.

The Cellular Activated Carbon Filter captures volatile organic compounds. With all these features there’s another good feature inserted in this air purification appliance and that is Auto Mode. It has a sensor that detects air quality and automatically turns on when the air gets 10% pollutant. And wait! Due to this feature, it replaces the air two times per hour to make sure pollutant-free air all day.

People with severe respiratory disorders like asthma prefer to buy it. It can also help pet owners in removing pet odors from the indoor air.


3. Winix 5500-2 Budget-Friendly Air Purifier

Winix 5500-2 Budget-Friendly Air PurifierThis air purification device is fitted with three filters and you know what is the best part? It is an air purifier with washable filter. Yes, it is fitted with a washable Advanced Odor Control Carbon filter. That means you’re away from the hassle of an early replacement of filters.

You can easily wash it and use it again and again. It has a four-stage filtration process. First, the air passes through a pre-filter that is a permanent filter and doesn’t need to be replaced. It catches large particles. Then a washable AOC carbon filter eliminates the bad odour and fills the air with a nice and pleasant fragrance.

The third stage is the True HEPA filter and lastly, it has an advanced Plasma Wave Technology through which the air passes and gets neutralized. It has an ionized that contains both positive and negative electromagnetic charges. These charges create plasma clusters which attack the microorganisms like viruses and bacterias and helps in removing them from indoor air.

Moreover, it has a filter replacement indicator that tells whenever there is a need to change filters. It also indicates air quality whether it’s good or bad. It also proves to be energy-saving, even on the highest speed, it consumes only 128 watts.


4. RabbitAir MinusA2 Ultra Quiet HEPA Air Purifier for Large Rooms

RabbitAir MinusA2 Ultra Quiet HEPA Air Purifier for Large RoomsRabbitAir MinusA2 comes under the most advanced air purifier heading. It has six stages of filtration and a wifi control system. Everything advanced! You can connect it with the wifi and operate from anywhere at any time. Usually, all air purifiers contain true HEPA filters but this one possesses a BioGs HEPA filter that has 3x more efficiency than a true HEPA filter.

It also helps in making the filter more durable. The pre-filter is permanent and washable as well. The medium filter traps particles bigger than 1 micron like pet dander. Then there’s a customized filter, charcoal-based activated filter, and negative ion generator.

MinusA2 even helps to eliminate toxic chemicals that are hazardous to the lungs. That’s why it is recommended by many health carers to asthma patients. It is certified by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America.


5. Coway AirMega 400S HEPA Air Purifier for Bed Room

Coway AirMega 400S HEPA Air Purifier for Bed RoomConway AP is one of the best-rated air purifiers in 2016. New York Times also named it the best air purifier of 2018.

It has four stages of filtration Pre-filter, Deodorization filter, True HEPA filter, and, Vital Ion. The Deodorization filter eliminates the putrid odour and fumes and adds a pleasant fragrance to the air.

Vital Ion system contains electromagnetic charges that generate a reaction and removes all the contaminants from indoor air. The filter replacement indicator not only indicates when to change the filter but also specifically marks which filter needs to get changed.

Besides being smaller in size, this air cleaner is ideal for large rooms. With the timer facility, you can schedule the hours of operation of the air purifier. It has three fan speeds, you can either choose manually or the purifier will choose itself by the auto mode.


6. Medify MA-40W V2.0 Air Purifier for Smoke

Medify MA-40W V2.0 Air Purifier for Smoke


7. Blueair Blue Pure 411 Air Purifier with Washable Filter

Blueair Blue Pure 411 Air Purifier with Washable Filter


8. Honeywell HPA100 True HEPA Air Purifier

Honeywell HPA300 True HEPA Air Purifier


9. Alen BreatheSmart FLEX Air Purifier for Large Rooms

Alen BreatheSmart FLEX Air Purifier for Large Rooms


10. BISSELL MYair Purifier Air Cleaner for Dust, Dander, Pollen, Odors

BISSELL MYair Purifier Air Cleaner for Dust, Dander, Pollen, Odors

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